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This myth/legend comes from the Samburu Tribe in Kenya. The Samburu People have a unique relationship with elephants....... 

Once upon a time Elephants were humans.
Along time ago a young bride was newly wedded, as she prepared to leave her father home, He gave her strict instructions not to look back when she stepped out of the village. 
As she walked off, she was so sad and wouldn't resist looking back. She knew she would miss her childhood home, friends and the one place she knew all her life. Nevertheless traveled to her husband home.
That night strange things began to happen to her. Turns out Nkai (God) was so upset at her for disobeying her father and decided to punish her. 
She began to swell and grew so big, that she busted out of the roof, turning into a grey elephant .
Hence legend has it,all Elephants descended from this first elephant girl, as such the Samburu people and elephants are blood related.
Whenever an elephants walk past humans remains/grave, they tend to cover the remains with grass and leaves, accordingly the Samburu people do the same to elephant remains and skulls.
When the Samburu pass an elephant skull they pick some green grass, spit on it and place the grass in the elephant skull, green grass symbolizes peace and spit symbolizes rain, together a blessing bestowed.
FYI samburu are not maasai, they more like cousins

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