"Style is saying Who you are without saying a word"  

We take pride in our work and most importantly where we are from.

"Manzi" is a swahili Slang that means woman.

We are a business owned and operated by two sister from Kenya East Africa. Our brand is a reflection of our culture,heritage and fashion. 

We choose art to share pieces of us i hopes that we can reconnect and learn from other cultures.

#We Shine Together

Our Product showcase Pride, Sisterhood with unmatched style guaranteed to turn heads.

Every Piece  is handmade with Kenya's natural resources.

We promote self love and identity 

"We DeFiNe us" Our beauty is ours to embrace with no shame but grace and strength.

Manzi Closet is more a sisterhood not just a brand



So my sister got me this as a gift,i wouldn't have asked for something better. I love my bag and everybody love my bag as well, am gonna buy another one.


I absolutely LOVE my accessories!

Meka Diamond

I purchased 2 pair of the Watamu earrings. I received them and I am in awe of the craftsmanship and quality. I am looking forward to purchasing more items from this shop.

Thank you so much for providing such unique and quality pieces ❤

Carmela Benson-Bassett

I get compliment all the time. The bag is light and very spacious. Thank you for the real fast shipment. am gonna be getting another one soon.

Miracle Denise Clifton

I got the yellow and gold necklace for my gala dinner. I got so many compliments all night long

Marl Joe

Our Customers

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