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Welcome to Manzi Closet.

We are a culture conscious brand aimed at sharing our Kenyan culture while also providing for our community in Kenya.

Manzi Closet is an idea that grew out of 2 sisters who felt the need to bridge the world culturally to our country. 20 percent of our profits goes towards school tuitions and school supply to Kenyan children. We have so far purchased and supplied,school suppies,laptops,ipads and projectors.

We whole hearty believe and practice fair trade with our Kenyan vendors. All of our materials and resources are Kenyan procured and made. With the expansion of our business we are able to provide a  source of fair income to our community

Through our business we have been blessed to come across people of different cultures.


Kenyans take pride in what we make as a people. We hope that you enjoy all these piece and they do indeed as colorful cultural to your life.



Thank you for choosing to patronize our business.

Asante Sana
Thank you very much