About Us

Manzi is a swahili slang which  means woman.

Kenya is an African country which has about 42 tribes.

All these tribes have their own culture,identity and heritage.

Fabric and beads are two very important items in our culture.

The Fabric of choice for us is Kitenge,kikoi, khanga and Dashiki.

Kitenge is a colorful print made of cotton and wax.

Kikoi is similar to kitenge but most worn and used by the maasai and Samburu tribes. Kikoi are used to make modern fashion and home decor from curtains,pillows and other home items.

Khanga is very light but yet colorful.The unique thing about khanga is that it has written proverbs, and african sayings.


The beads we use are of the samburu and maasai tribe.

Kenyans take pride in what we make as a people. We hope that you enjoy all these piece and they do indeed as colorful cultural to your life.

Asante Sana
Thank you very much